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Hamster Cuisine

 And other tasty rodent treats

A website about all of the wonderful things that you can do with all things furry and cute

The recipes herein contained are the culmination of centuries of development in the diet of humans. Much of the information dates back to prehistory where archaeological evidence though patchy, is the only source of even the most basic information for scientists to record, examine and evaluate. There are however large gaps in our understanding of the prehistory of hamster cuisine and there are therefore unavoidable but commensurate gaps in this treatise.

We will be showing the changes that have occurred over time with particular attention being paid to the plain and simple cuisine of our ancient ancestors right up to the evermore sophisticated developments of the fashionable and trendy restaurants of today.

It should be noted that any enthusiastic amateur can recreate the recipes shown on this web site without the need to constantly swear at everyone with whom you might come into contact. Those who do will find that they are going to enjoy the good food featured on this site, but will do so in isolation.


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