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Weights and Measures    

               A Conversion table for those who don't want to do the maths.

Imperial Metric
One Pound 454g
2.2 Pounds One Kilogram
One Pint 568cc
1 Pints One litre
One ounce 28.4g
One teaspoon 5 ml
One tablespoon 10 ml
One Hamster (Common) 40-60g
One Hamster (Golden) 100-120g
One Squirrel (Gray) 400-700g
One Squirrel (Red) 200-400g
One Rabbit 900-1800g
One Rat 100-200g
One Guinea Pig 450-550g
One Mouse 15-30g
One Gerbil 20-40g
One Harvest Mouse 5-9g
One Water Vole 70-320g


And for the more exotic tastes of some
Imperial Metric
One Siberian Zokor 160-290g
One Porcupine 8000-27000g
One Norway Lemming 40-130g
One Arctic Lemming 50-120g
One Cactus Mouse 18-40g
One Beaver 17000-31000g
One Flying Squirrel 90-170g
One Giant Flying Squirrel 600-2200g

   All rodents are shown as approximate unprepared weights.

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