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Other Rodent Choices

These are just a small selection from the phylum rodentia which may be of interest to those who have a desire to venture further with this delicious food group. Some of them may require the use of more advanced techniques, and safety measures for their handling and preparation, but should in no doubt broaden the tastes of any true epicurean. You may have the good fortune to discover some new sauce or a combination of vegetables that you can serve with your chosen rodent which may enhance your culinary experience.

Further research into the zoological sciences may well yield even more variety and choice for the most adventurous gourmands among you with the commensurate improvements in your educative and scientific achievements.

It should be noted that in order to be a capable and competent chef you do not have to become a dirty foul-mouthed bully, abusing all those around you. This is just a sign of being a low-grade piece of garbage. All genuinely good chefs have no need to behave in such a manner. Only trash does so.


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